The Mainstream Media’s Pretense of Truth

Look around. The END TIMES are upon us!!!

We’re living in a hellish world of sin and pain, with war raging on all fronts. Our liberties and rights are being taken away from us, followers of the Truth are being persecuted by The Powers That Be, and followers of the Devilish Horde are besieging the forces of good.

Signs are appearing everywhere. On June 6, 2014, a man robbed a convenience store in Mobile, Alabama wearing a hat shaped like the goat Baphomet, an occult form of the Devil. While this might be chalked up to mere pranks, this man had tattooed a 666 upon his forehead and spoke in “a weird tongue”. He was taken away by an unnamed governmental agency, with claims of “mental instability” and “unfounded paranoia”. Similar occurrences have happened throughout America with increasing frequency, hinting towards a subconscious knowledge that the time is now upon us.

We are in the middle of a war, and the victims are US!

The Powers That Be are distracting the common people with popular “conspiracies” like “the Illuminati” and this charade works wonders in helping build their bluff. While common people worry about rappers and Hollywood celebrities being in cahoots with world leaders, it is the secret Shadow State that they should be worried about.

It’s not just the low-level government: the people who work at the DMV and the low-level politicians in your state legislature, even governors or representatives, know nothing about the Shadow State or the Qelipotic origins of the NWO. The real people to be worried about are the secretaries of state, the Ministers of Defense, and the people who don’t appear in the mainstream media as often as others…the ones behind the curtains, pulling the strings for their own perverse pathological pleasure.

As stated in the writings of the lost book of Enoch II, wherein the prophet of God reflects upon his sojourn through the levels of Paradise: “Those who are among us are against us, because they are us, and those who hide behind the curtains of light turn the clouds of sin upon the sheep. The man who trusts in darkness shall find it, and the light shall not adorn his path.”

Distrust EVERYTHING the mainstream media claims as true!!!

We should take great care in analyzing the system of the world around us, for the only True Truth is hidden behind the veil.

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