• JFK was killed in 1963.
  • Man did land on the Moon.
  • Saudis did attack the Twin Towers.

The government does hold secrets, but these aren’t them. Instead, these common conspiracies are simply serving to mask and distract from the real conspiracies.

Entering production in 2021, this documentary, Conspiracies Unmasked, reveals the inner workings of the world’s most powerful figures: institutions and individuals who pull the strings behind the curtains.

This documentary will reveal the hidden truths and open our eyes to the cabal behind the scenes: the blackmail, intrigue, deception, false flags, and psychological warfare being wrought by the elitists and their pseudo-liberal pawns.

For the first time, proof is presented about certain historical events, how they influenced today, and how mass deception has been initiated in order to confuse the populace.

Using archival footageexpert analysis…along with original researchConspiracies Unmasked will bring a new dimension to the world of conspiracies and prove that hidden forces are at work in our world.