Romney the Backstabber! GOP Establishment Plant?

In Mitt Romney’s speech today, slamming our new American President, not a single thing he said was true. Donald Trump is no Reagan…he is even more of what we need! He is the only pick to save our country from where it’s heading!

We have ENOUGH of this insider crime & the corruption of Romney, leader of Bain Capital!

He talked of Reagan’s great speech “A Time For Choosing”. But what the GOP establishment doesn’t get is we ARE choosing now…and in our time for choosing that candidate is Donald Trump!


Romney’s speech was his passive-aggressive rant full of lies and hyperbole. Trump will be unaffected by the show of the Mormon Pretender In Chief. It is odd how Romney never took on the socialist Barack HUSSEIN Obama but decided to try to do so with the GOP Conservative Primary Frontrunner!

The GOP is a fraction away from disaster and America a small step from revolution if anything happens to derail the will of the people! Want to beat Trump…then produce a better candidate!!! It can’t be done.



So the architect of ObamaCare makes Jeb! look like a dynamic speaker, he couldn’t beat the most disliked President in history, is trying to lecture us on how to be Great Again? This is all talk, nothing but hot air from politicians – and Romney is their poster boy! It’s interesting that Mr. Establishment just said vote for Cruz. So much for Cruz being an outsider.

Trump 2016!!! Make America Great Again!!!


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