Pokemon Go – Scriptural or Demonic?


Why are our children “collecting” demons and “evolving” them?

Pokemon Go…the experience that is taking our entire country by storm. Is it any coincidence that this phenomenon, in which the immature portions of our populace interact with a “interactive” game on their smart phones…is taking place right when a struggle is taking place for the souls of our civilization?

Look around you. Police officers are being shot by crazed gunmen in Dallas, and Baton Rouge. Evil political leaders are trying to wrest control of the United States away from Donald Trump. Violence surrounds us. ISIS has not been attacked by Barack HUSSEIN Obama. And in the middle of this all, a distraction…

Poke-Mon is a Message From the Devil!

A distraction of virtual reality, a game in which people assume the role of a “Poke-trainer” and walk around in real life Google Maps and throw “Poke-Balls” at demons.

First, we should be asking why our children are playing with demons. That seems a little extreme, and unhealthy. But SECOND we should be asking does the Bible have any mention of Pokemon? Of course not…this is not of scripture, so we should be careful of integrating it into our lives.

Nintendo, the company behind Pokemon, is now worth millions of dollars more once they launched this smart phone app. Just in a few weeks. Where did that money come from? Who is brainwashing our children?

This trend is even reaching into the minds of adults…people with supposed jobs that are chasing virtual demons in “augmented space”

Rev. James Hill of Spartanburg has this to say about Pokemon: “We first saw the secular Pokemon craze in the late 1990’s, when my church had several young people playing a card game. It was important to impress upon these young people that “Pokemon” is not of the Lord…we must keep our minds upon the things above, not the earth beneath. I see this new fad as another of the devil’s wiles.”

Pokemon is a sort of twisted representation of religion, in addition. Poke-trainers go to “Poke-gyms” in order to ritualistically associate with other Pokemon players and “train” their demons to evolve.

Evolution has been proven, especially by scientists like Ken Ham with the Answers In Genesis institute, to be false. It’s a lie…since we know that the earth was created in six days. So why should we allow our kids to “evolve” demons in a smart phone app?

Since evolution is a lie…do we want our children “evolving demons”?

Some will say that it’s just a way of having fun…of connecting with others…but fun is not a biblical concept that makes anything acceptable in the eyes of God. Pokemon has been causing countless problems as soon as it was launched, just a few weeks ago. Crime, robberies, violence, ritualistic behavior, even groups of wandering youth. It’s not something that we want to see in our churches, schools, organizations, or neighborhoods.

Don’t be afraid of reaching out to the youth: they know not what they do.



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