Mormons: Part of the “Devilish Horde”?


As written in some of the ancient Judaic writings in the Kabbalah, there are references to the Devilish Horde. While scholars still debate over the true meaning of the word, as things are revealed closer to the end of times, we are learning that the Devilish Horde is made up of several dark forces that will ultimately support the Unholy Trinity (the Antichrist, the Whore of Babylon, and Satan).

Here are some dark, but very true facts, about what Mormons believe:

  1. Mormons believe in many gods: and they believe all of us, if we go through the proper rituals, will become a god like Jesus and own our own planets in the afterlife.
  2. They believe Jesus was created by a physical sex act between Elohim and Mary, therefore not a virgin birth. Also ignoring the fact that Mary was betrothed to another man, Joseph.
  3. The Garden of Eden was in Missouri, before Adam and Eve were kicked out by an angel. All saints (LDS members) will return to Missouri before the Second Coming. Some of them think the exodus to Missouri will be by foot.



  1. Mormons believe God lives on a planet near the star Kolob. God does not reside in heaven, as Christians believe, but actually resides on a planet located close to the star Kolob.
  2. Mormons believe white skin is better than dark skin. People with darker skin “bear the curse of Cain” and were born black because they were less holy in pre-Earth life, and therefore in this life they have been punished. But they say that black people will become white in the resurrection if they follow LDS teachings.

These are some shocking teachings, and this leads many scholars to believe they are actually a part of the Devilish Horde.

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