Life & Healing Repressed By Elitists


We have been in an autumn (AKA FALL)

Civilization & genetic lines will reset…and due to a recurring gene, the homosexuals might be the only people resistant to the influence of the NWO’s deviant plans! This is one of the key reasons for repeated repression and persecution of this minority over centuries.

There is a cure for aging…eternal life & immortality is possible, but it is being withheld by the elitists through social engineering…but only the homosexuals are not victim to these mind control methods.


It is a well known fact that homosexuality was an accepted practice during the era of Ancient Greece. Lives were much longer, peaceful, and the resulting creative energy was a primary reason for the arts of sculpture, Homeric poetry, and philosophies of Grecian origin. Homosexuality was successfully repressed through much of history by the antagonism of the ANCIENT ROMANS and their later Christian counterpart, the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. During the 1980s, however, with the rise of progressive thought, gays began becoming more vocal and visible to the masses.

Seeing this, the secret society in charge of concealing the information of EVERLASTING LIFE and HEALING developed a devastating disease called AIDS with the help of the CDC and other national laboratories in America and also Freemasons of the highest order.

Suppression of genetic deformity in homosexual individuals that provide an innate resistance/immunity to social engineering & thought control methods by the New World Order. By coddling the public with false flags, political stages, wars, and distraction conspiracies like the Illuminati, the powers that be (Freemasons) are actually ushering in the End Times. The current controllers of the Stigmatized Knowledge (eternal life & healing) are using unrest and instability in order to relegate this knowledge to a special few.

This is why the elites of the world (FDR, Adolph Hitler, Winston Churchill, Albert Pike, Aliester Crowley, Anton LaVey, L Ron Hubbard).

Also Stalin, JFK, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Abraham Lincoln, were trying to gain a place in this inner circle, but were assassinated in order to deny entrance.

Rumored still alive & members of this Stigmatized Knowledge Group are historical figures like several popes, Joseph Smith, Napoleon, the de Medeci,

Current members are Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld, and Vladimir Putin.


It helps perpetuate their massive control of the world & lines their coffers with the funds necessarily for an eternal lavish lifestyle, constant changes in location and homes, and powers to bribe the powers that be & fund a private special ops military force that carries out their desires.

The Illuminati is a false flag that’s been developed to serve as a distraction for the masses. They put their attention towards Kim Kardashian or other POP STARS but they are merely pawns. How else do you think they make millions?

The true people are even more dangerous and secret than the commonly assumed masterminds. They are secret, eternal, and serve a constant purpose of controlling the world for their eternal existence.

The earth works in cycles, seasons like a year. The Cycles of the earth are changing, we have been in a declining autumn since the 1800s, and Winter is drawing nigh.

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