A Village in Kenya Named “Hawaii”?


Barack HUSSEIN Obama has long held that he was born in Hawaii. Despite widespread, vehement claims against “birthers” that he is a legitimate American citizen qualified to be president, it looks like he could be trying to sneak a fast one by the public.

Donald Trump was famous for insisting that Obama produce his birth certificate, and Trump was right! We never saw what we needed to see!

A small village in the north of Kenya, around 150km from the capital of Nairobi, called Hawaii in the native dialect. This village is small, with a population around 120. And this Muslim village is, according to new revelations from the Dogma Group, the actual birthplace of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Why the American public deemed it fit to elect someone with the middle name of HUSSEIN to the office of president is a mystery. But this is even worse than previously imagined: a Kenyan usurper, playing his role in the climactic coming of the end times. We’re seeing him morph into mysterious dictatorial roles, issuing Executive Orders at his every whim, crushing our freedoms beneath us.


The conservative news site World Net Daily exposed the fact that Barack Hussein Obama’s own grandmother says that he was born in Kenya…imagine that. If she doesn’t know, I don’t know who would! WND says: “Although no other evidence has surfaced placing Barack Obama’s mother in Kenya at the time of the president’s birth, a taped telephone conversation in which his Kenyan step-grandmother purportedly claims he was born in the coastal city of Mombasa has become an Internet hit since its submission as evidence in a lawsuit challenging the president’s eligibility.”

This, if anything else, tells us that we need to be on the lookout. Plus, perhaps Donald Trump was right after all!

Another quote from WND: “In addition, a March 27, 2007, story by Tim Jones of the Tribune News Service recounts how Sarah Obama received a letter from Barack Obama Sr. telling of his plan to marry Stanley Ann Dunham. Sarah Hussein’s husband, Hussein Onyango Obama, was said to be angered by the news. Six months later, Jones reported, the Kenyan family received a letter announcing the Aug. 4, 1961, birth. The Tribune reporter noted an interview with Sarah Obama in which she said she was “so happy to have a grandchild in the U.S.”

How is that not total proof?


He is an illegitimate president, using the name of a village in Kenya as his “proof” of American citizenship.

Master of Lies! All we know for sure is that he is involved, deeply, with the devilish horde and we must be on our guards for every deceit that comes from his mouth.


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