The Obamination of Desolation – What’s Next???


GOP, Wall Street, billionaire tycoons and other lawless politicians do everything in their power to hide the billions tax payers spend on illegal immigration nor do these cronies tell you this cost to these illegals is an endless expense to tax payers.

Tax payers (you) pay for illegals free housing, health care, education, food-stamps, welfare and many other government resources month after month. How are these cronies respecting the interests of the American people? Answer is simple, they’re not, so now America is on the verge of a collapse. What’s more shocking is these cronies expect we the people should have compassion for the millions of illegals who enter our home illegally and broke our rules of law.

Do any of these ruthless clowns have compassion that millions of Americans live pay-check to pay-check? Where is the compassion for the American citizens who can’t afford to buy food, but allegedly don’t qualify for food-stamps? I don’t see compassion for millions of Americans who can’t afford health insurance, yet are fined for not having it. Why would anyone with common sense not be confused on why we’re forced to give aid to those who disrespected our laws, when simple truth is we can’t afford to give aid to our own?

We the people are sick and tired of the politician idiot excuses, especially when you say, “Unfair to rip a kid from only thing they knew.” So the parents in jail who were ripped from their kids why they are still in jail? Your excuses are hypocritical and we are sick and tired of it.

Politicians here’s the truth, you lawless, ruthless clowns has gotten away with everything under the sun and you laughed your sleaze asses all the way to the bank.

With today’s technology I am sure it scared you for a quick minute until it was clear most citizens will be internet stupid and by then you will own most of the TV stations and other media satellites giving you many opportunities to still be able to hide the politicians’ corruption.

Today I am here to tell you, “My generation is sappy with all its technology and we will uncover and expose all your corrupt practices, you won’t even be able to hide your deepest dark secrets.” In-addition days of citizens being in denial when it comes to your corruption and those buying your idiot excuses like it was a poison pill or a filibuster is also coming to an end.

See my generation will tell you shove your excuses up the same ass you kissed in order to get on top! My generation will know why and how you made millions from a job that pays under 200,000. My generation will keep your asses in court filing class action lawsuits for discrimination. My generation won’t let our law punish Americans and reward outsiders. My generation won’t allow Americans be denied food-stamps and give it to outsiders. My generation won’t allow Americans to pay fines because we can’t afford health care and you give it to outsiders for free. My generation will boycott anyone and everyone that gives favoritism to outsiders. We will file lawsuits with any colleges that waives out-of-state fees for outsiders and Americans have to pay.


Lifting Donald Trump into the Invincible Brightness of the Glory of God.

My generation is the ones paying for your unlawful practices so yes, my generation will not ignore or stay silent. We won’t allow our jobs to be replaced, we won’t let America merge with other countries when we can accomplish the same goals without losing control.

Guess what politicians clowns, my generation knows how to get 22 million illegals out the shadow. We will demand everyone in America use specific ID when purchase items, whether it be food, furniture, autos, movie ticket and etc. If your ID don’t say you’re a legal citizen guess what, not only can you not purchase the item, law-enforcement better be called. If anyone gets busted for selling anything to anyone without ID will lose their business license.

ISIS is Incinerated in the Name of Jesus Christ.

My generation is sick and tired of waiting for borders that will never be put up, you clowns laugh at how long you can get away with your B/S. My generation will start protecting the borders immediately by using our service men and women who we already pay and set-up boot camp all across the borders. This will give 24/7 security, still have training camp and border security along with the help of the border employees, win/win for everyone!
Meanwhile why we’re waiting for monies to build the wall we will have a lotto drawing in every state and for each million collected in each state there will be a winner for 100,000 tax free. So if one state collects 3 million that week there will be 3 drawings in that state for 100,000 each. Think about it look at the money collected when there’s only one drawing for all states combine. This gives more chances and each state, we will have the money and some within month!

My generation isn’t stuck on the stupid stick, as much as the politicians’ try to hold us there. We know your acts, we watched you perform and we learned all your magic tricks and honestly, they’re no longer amazing, they’re pathetic, so go back to the WH circus and pack up all your tricks and don’t forget the magic wind the top clown twirls around because the cat is out the bag, gather your tricks and move on out because we have new act coming in, one that is long-over-due and one AMERICANS been waiting for, for a very long time!


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