3 Accusers of Kevin Spacey Die Suddenly Under Suspicious Circumstances

You may remember that Kevin Spacey, whose career has plummeted after multiple assault allegations and accusations from young actors who have worked with him over the years, posted a strange video called “KTWK” or “Kill Them With Kindness”.

Unfortunately, it seems like this video was taken a little too literally.

The popular mainstream entertainment news website TMZ posted an article claiming that Ari Behn, one of Spacey’s accusers, died the very next day. All in all, this brought the total of accuser deaths to 3 in the year 2019 alone.

Since then, people have been trying to put together the pieces of this strange puzzle.

One accuser, Linda Culkin, died in Boston as a vehicle ran over her in an intersection.

Another, an anonymous John Doe accuser, passed away and the attorney informed the court that he would no longer be representing.

And now Ari Behn?

Many ideas have been pitched, theories of whether this is mere coincidence or something far more sinister.

Some of the more outlandish are that so many Hollywood celebrities were actually the results of MKUltra tests, while others bring up connections to the Clintons or Epstein.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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