Guest Authors is a labor of love, supported by contributors with expansive expertise in their given fields.

J.D. Thacker

J.D. Thacker is a world-renowned author and expert in doctrine and cabalistic theology. Studying the cryptic and arcane intricacies of the Kabbalah, and how it relates with later End Times Prophecies, J.D. Thacker has a deep interest in eschatology. He was born in Kansas in late 1946 shortly after the Second World War (one of the first indications of Lucifer’s attack on the Western World). His writings have been called “brilliant exegesis” and “inspirational scholarship”. He is the author of several volumes of eschatological work including The End Of Time: A Look At The Apocrypha, and Premillennial Heresies: Jots And Tiddles. Mr. Thacker curates and writes the eschatology and end times sections of, and was formerly a contributing editor for End Times Foretold.


Magnus Grimsson

Born in the United Kingdom to an Icelandic immigrant father and a Danish mother, Mr. Grimsson studied history and law at the University of Leeds before working in library science for several decades. After retiring from library career, Grimsson moved to Canada where he lives with his wife of seventeen years. He retains a strong interest in history, law, and archival investigation. A lover of fine teas and the outdoors, Mr. Grimsson contributes to with an emphasis in researching political conspiracies.




Zak Israel

Zak contributes to our news section. A self-professed “conspiracy nerd”, Zak is a lifelong student and endeavors to understand the world as a whole. He is emphatic about the importance of a good diet, and helps us with our web development as well.